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Friday, August 20, 2010

Wassup, My Migas!

After a hearty breakfast of migas,
Rey Urias decided he’d walk

over to the lab
to see Isidra.

When he got there
he found out

that Isidra was among
the missing.

Why had no one bothered
to tell him!

He rounded up
a couple of his techs,

Rufino and Modesta,
to accompany him

to the pyramid
(which is what most New Martians called

the complex known
as the Face on Mars).

They approached carefully
from the side

which was bathed in shadows.
They, of course, had no weapons

not even their cunning, just the aluristos
for communication.

What good communication
would do them

was something
they choose to ignore.

Suddenly Isidra
came out of nowhere,

Shortly, they had
to change their shorts,

not literally, of course,
pero ya mero.

Isidra grabbed Rey
and hugged the hell out of him.

She hugged him so damn hard
he almost let go a miga pedo.

Out here on desolate Mars,
in a space suit, hell, that could be deadly.

She told him about Beto,
Rey did not know Beto that well

but he felt bad for Isidra.
They hurried back

to the relative safety
of the lab

passing the rusty, robotic spirit
of an antique, Martian probe,

there was no opportunity
for the weary to stop and rest.


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