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Thursday, August 26, 2010

El Plan Espiritual De Marte

The plan
was to attack the Martian

if it attempted to come
through the entryway of the lab.

Its colossal hallway
would serve as a trap.

The explosives would be placed
in a way

which would cause
no damage to the entryway,

but, yet, would hopefully
destroy the Martian.

Rey and Isidra
retreated to her quarters

until the Martian
made its approach, if it did.

Isidra’s panties lay
on Rey’s pants

which he’d flung
to the floor.

Isidra did not
remove her bra

during their lovemaking.
(Gente, this is the point

in the narrative
where the proverbial train

enters the tunnel of love).
Meanwhile, the Security Council

kept a vigil
on the security cameras

for any sign
of the Martian.

By this time, the Martian’s minds
had been made up.

Her emotions
gathered in one place.


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