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Friday, August 13, 2010

Pozo Libre

Isidra feels like La Llorona,
having drowned her child

in the waters of this Martian monster.
A monster which she herself had discovered,

thought of it as something amazing,
a wonder to behold,

which had now
come out of its

centuries old sleep
only to kill. To kill.

The Martian had not
followed them to the surface.

What’s it waiting for,
she wondered

in the space of her space suit,
the cold winds of Mars

kicking up ice dust
onto her visor

just at the moment
Rey Urias had teleported

to the surface.
She wondered

if it was too soon
for him to have heard the news.

Even though her boss
had specifically told her

to head back to the relative safety of campus
she decided

to go back down
into the abyss.


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