Chicano Poet

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Return

As the S.S. Denham Dentifrice
returned to Mars from the darkside

and swung around
to the daylight side

those who happened
to be looking out the portals

were astounded
that the face on Mars

was lit up a bright,
blinding red.

The Captain immediately
called Mars Control

inquiring about
the strange phenomenon.

The reply was:
they are investigating it now.

Rey had been
taking a nap,

dreaming either of
Isidra or Debbie,

what’s the difference
he thought to himself,

a woman
is a woman,


always gullible
to the right man.

Rey had never been known
for his political correctness.

That’s what a macho
is all about, after all,

he insisted
to his alter ego.


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