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Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Roundup

"The ground on which the ball bounces
Is another bouncing ball."
Delmore Schwartz

Meanwhile, back on earth,
Lupito’s wife, Chela,

and Lupito’s two kids
are being herded into space ships

for their trip
to the moon.

When these ten space ships
leave earth,

there will be no more Mexicans
left on the planet.

From the moon,
they will be transported to Mars.

Chela calls Lupito
on the aluristo,

a sort of telephone device
which carries voice across space

at a hundred thousand times
the speed of light.

“Lupito, me and the kids
are on the way to the moon.”

“Good, Chela, I can’t wait
to see y’all,

I’ll be anxiously awaiting
your arrival, amor.”

The silent rocket ship motors
barely made a noise

as the space craft
slid along clouds momentarily

before it reached
the blackness of space.


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