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Friday, July 23, 2010

His Vorpal Sword

Rey Urias took
his vorpal sword in hand

and ripped off Debbie’s clothes
neatly piling them on the floor,

panties on top,
bra cups rising like desire.

That’s all he remembered
of the dream

as the ship headed
back to Mars for repairs.

Captain Chon
had indeed gotten his way

and had
HAL 9000 blown to smithereens.

Wonder what the jonesthereens,
think about that,

chuckled Rey Urias
as he took the elevator

up to the bridge
where Captain Chon

was barking orders
like a dog.

The second in command
appeared neutered

as he kept saluting
and crying, “Yes, sir, yes, sir,

yes, sir!”
ad nauseam.

When the Captain finished his ejaculations,
Rey said,

“Hey, Chon,
what’s our ETA to Mars?”

A million miles away,
the angry red planet

did not appear
so angry or so red

as it staggered and stumbled
in its orbit.


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