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Friday, December 10, 2010

Chuy Negrete And The Angel Of Dance

Chuy’s in town and we go
to Juan Seguin’s grave and to Quick Taco;
there’s another coup in Manila,
and the wealthy Contra leaders
meet with the sleeping President.
At Paperbacks Y Mas in San Antonio,
Raul Salinas talks about his trip
to the Switzerland mind jail,
and Ricardo Sanchez
lectures us on the young poets.
Chuy plays La Bamba de
Ricardo Valenzuela while his
mind’s eye focuses on la Christina.
A few nights later in San Marcos,
we are joined by Jose Montalvo
at the Café On The Square,
Chuy plays Las Mañanitas,
The Black Hat Poet reads El Sasquatch,
and the night ends
as soon as it gets light.

written on September 30, 1987


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