Chicano Poet

Thursday, December 02, 2004


We stop at
the dinosaur gift shop
in Cabezon,

we climb
the stairs
and go inside

the two-story
dinosaur store.
Mr. Bones

and Henry
buy T-shirts.
My dad

asked me if
I wanted to go
on a helicopter ride---

they’ve got tours
that are part
of the gift shop.

I tell him,
"No, dad, remember
last time

I went for a
helicopter ride
on the Big Island."

"Yes, I’d forgotten
about that." said dad.
For you

who don’t know
what happened.
Well, the Blue Sky

chopper that
took me
for a ride crashed.

The pilot
broke his back.
I walked away,

well, I ran away
is more like it.
Mr. Bones

looked at us
and said,
"I hate broke bones."

We continued
on the road
to Tamazunchale,

to arias
on the radio,

the do


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