Chicano Poet

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Bugs dropped his carrot
and scampered
back into his hole

just as Dubya
pulled the trigger
and performed

his own assendectomy.
The mushroom cloud
rose from Dubya’s behind

and climbed into the sky
as the Star-Spangled Banner
was played in the background

by Los Taquaches de Aztlan,
the most popular conjunto group
north of the Canadian border.

When the anthem was over
they launched into
La Cola Del Presidente Bush

"the tail of the Presidente Bush
is nomas near
his tush…"

Part Two.

You Owe Me A Coke

The blast has startled
Bin Laden
out of his cave.

Bugs puts his paw
on Bin Laden’s shoulder and ehs,
"Eh, what’s up Doc?"

A CIA drone flies overhead
and mistakes the carrot
in Bugs’ hand

for a nukeylur weapon.
Bugs moons the drone
with his cotton tail.

Meanwhile, back at CIA hindquaters,
the photograph
of the carrot

is studied very carefully.
Millions of dollars are spent
in analyzing the pitcher.

Eventually the CIA
orders Israel
to bomb the carrot field.

Carrots improve your eyesight
so they must be

otherwise, Israel
and America
might see the truth.

But, by the time
the Israeli jets
drop their American bombs

Bugs has moved the carrots
to an undisclosed location---his mouth.
All you hear is the crunching

of carrots in a dim cave.
Bugs and Bin Laden look at each other and
both of them say, "Eh, what’s up Doc?" in unison.

The bombs miss
and kill innocent children…
collateral damage…shalom…Gollum…

Mr. Magoo, ugly American,
can’t find his way
out of his mansion.


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