Chicano Poet

Monday, April 11, 2005

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Zapped from forlorn Texas
the honorable Robert Creeley
and his care

for Mabel, hunks of meat,
our blind visions,
Poteet strawberries,

a red wheelbarrow
floating in the oozing Passaic,
or across the continent,

the vulva of LA,
the streetgangs fight turf
at a high cost,

new humans come out
of the production line,
this year’s model.

Go ahead, save the world
for the white man
is all you can say now.

New England’s
Miss Emily Dickinson
borrowed to swerve,

her smile
is a fast-food joint
in shorts.

So you go on fighting
the enemy
with his own swords,

you use his tactics
because that’s how
he’s kept you down---

from the
little zapping place!


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