Chicano Poet

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Am Joaquin,Tambien

I am Joaquin,
not Steve McQueen,
not Juan Seguin,

sometimes you gotta
tell it like it is,
not give a piss,

sometimes you make enemies
when you tell the truth,
ask Doctor Ruth.

I am Joaquin
and though Corky's gone,
always address him as Don,

don't call me Mister,
don't call me Senor,don't tell me
La Malinche was a whore.

I am Joaquin,
not Don McLean,
American pie don't mean beans,

the red white and blue
applies only to one color
and only if you got the dolars.

I am Joaquin,
say what you will,
do what you want,

it won't change a thing,
don't put up a fight,
I won't lose sight!

I am Joaquin,
I have a one track mind,
I won't put up with your kind!


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