Chicano Poet

Friday, May 20, 2005

Maxwell Smart in The Get Smart TV Show “Missed him
by thaaaaat much!”

“Who moved the peninsula?”
Anne Heche’s Sermon On The Mount

Mr. Bones is always watching Six Days Seven Nights,
every time it comes out on cable,
(never mind that he owns the dvd),

he likes the part where the Harrison Ford character
tells her
she’s got small breasts

and a narrow ass.
“You forget that Ellen DeGeneres
has had her tongue all over that…”

Henry tells Mr. Bones
during a commercial break.
Mr. Bones doesn’t hear Henry’s Comet.

“Quinnie’s girlfriend,
now there’s a woman!”
Henry describes saftig.

The movie is interrupted
by a special news report
that says a grenade

has narrowly missed Dubya
as he spoke in the Republic of Georgia.


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