Chicano Poet

Friday, April 07, 2006

Train Station

At Café Pierre in the Montmarte District
they read about the German advance,
troops, tanks and planes,

they promise to meet at 5 o’clock
at the train station,
a rabbit scampers in the crowd.

The second little pig dressed like a Japanese
peers into every window of the train.
The soul of a pig resides in its tail.

Rick wants to marry Ilsa in Marseilles
but she’s a runaway bride,
glittering from a mournful sea.

The stickhouse inside Rick’s Café Americain
is warm and cozy,
the wolf in a tent on God’s knee.

Bourbon after bourbon blonde,
the African continent
crashes back into South America,

the hands of Indians
struggle to keep it from happening.
The jackasses gave away their land.


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