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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Abbot and Costello Meet The Fockers

For you curious Skraelings, Henry plays
the part of the male nurse and Mr. Bones
is Bolt Boy.

When you put bandages on the Mummy
you can’t tell where they start.
I don’t mean to demean you,

but why are you wearing
such a short skirt in the first place,
to hide Costello? (Wink!)

The dragging continues on the river,
the cops are looking for water.
Love has surfaced

and they think it’s going for a gun.
After the volcano spewed pyramids,
tossed its regular hot stones

and caught the Mummy on fire,
your thighs attracted the attention
of very ancient men.

So I live on inside a stone on Easter Island,
you wear your Easter bonnet
and Frankenstein drowns the little girl in you.

Whence Meet The Fockers? Well, in the Mexican version
of Abbot y Costello contra La Momia there is a sub-plot
uncannily like the Fockers. The name of the family is Focas,
or Los Focas. Cantinflas plays the part of the male nurse.
Moya Focas being the name of the character. I can not
over-emphasize the distinction in the two versions.

Professor T. Bell
North Platte River College
Tuabuela, Neb.


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