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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kora In Hell

The pure products of America
go crazy in Iraq,
Miguel the Marine from San Antonio

blown to bits, his wife’s tits,
her brown ass will belong to someone else,
his daughter will only have pictures.

Lucas, Private First Class from Mississippi
won’t go swimming in the river
with his cousins anymore,

his girlfriend will find another hillbilly man.
David, Medic, Jewish boy from New York City
caught it between the eyes,

his wife Rebecca will mourn
but then she will find another lover.
The pure products of America go crazy.

Jamal, Sarge, from Atlanta leaves behind two boys.
The wife will find a man and the boys
will struggle with the pure products of America.

Why does the jerk ( : Mr. Bones was cussing the hell
out of WCW IV : ) always look at the negative side of
everything? Mr. Bones growls like a rabid dog. Henry
tries to calm him down. “Look, Bones, it is all very
natural, it is human nature for the survivors to move on.”

Mr. Bones ain’t buying Henry’s weakness. Why does
WCW IV insist that these guys have died in vain, and
that their treacherous spouses will abandon them. At
least the children are portrayed in a realistic manner.
And what about female soldiers who die in the war,
don’t their husbands find new women?

Footnote, new socks:
WCW IV always elicits this kind of reaction. His
latest collection of verse, entitled America’s Big Ass
has not won over many readers. Especially, Americans
with big asses. But, then, even Americans with small
asses ( : Mr. Bones, for example : ) seem more upset
than they should be.


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