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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Robert Frost Boxer

The disease ate him alive,
he fought bravely in the hospital room.

They did not let him go home to die---
the doctors said he was beyond home.

He fought death mano a mano,
the Rope-A-Dope, the Ali Shuffle.

But death threw punches which not even
Sonny Liston could have mustered.

And when death hit below the belt,
the referee (God, the cur) looked the other way.

And the body blows were just too much.
And the body blows were just too much.

In economic news: It looks like the capitalist pigs
have run out of money and must now dig deeper
and deeper into your pockets to help out those
speculators who take the money and run.Whose
pockets are we talking about? Not the rich certainly,
but you, janitor, waitress, school teacher, cooks,
construction worker, Walmart worker, etc.


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