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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cute Mexican Girl Syndrome

The cute Mexican girl had legs of honey. Her tongue
flicked arroz con pollo, her triangle scented with
tortilla-like perfume. Her saliva coated my chest with
her jalapeño breath. The Austin, Texas cops were
prowling the streets looking for minorities to kill so
I told her let’s just stay home and make love all night
long which is what we did trying not to write a run-on
sentence if we could help it and afterwards we smoked
stolen cigarettes made from dried cilantro leaves
her hands like thunder once again but this time
La Llorona’s children ganged up on her and killed her
that’s when I woke up from the limerick and the cute
Mexican girl was telling me you drank too much terquila
with an “r” and just then the phone rang like a piñata
we’d bought for our two-year-old’s birthday party we
heard the fucking killer cops driving away to kill more
blacks and Mexicans which is their job I guess so who
are we to criticize says my white neighbor


At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Anisa said...

Reyes, I like what you did here; the images of smoking "stolen cigarettes made from dried cilantro leaves" while racist cops lurk around the city. The Mexican girl and the Mexican food, and dreaming in limerick. I love all of this.


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