Chicano Poet

Friday, July 16, 2010

Planeta de La Debbie

Debbie Rodgers
was a natural at her job,

often figuring out artifacts
before workers with more experience

even had a clue.
Debbie was too well-endowed---

if there is such a thing
to a man.

Every time Rey set foot
on Mars,

he’d rush to Isidra’s workplace,
not so much to see her,

but to sneak
lascivious glances at Debbie.

He had the hots for her
and took it out on Isidra,

who was flattered
by his passionate love-making,

unaware Rey’s mind
dwelled on another heavenly body.

Rey never felt any guilt.
What man does?

The space between a man’s ears
more vast than outer space.


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