Chicano Poet

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Door Of Perception

When the security cameras failed,
the Council asked for volunteers

to go check the cameras
since the problem appeared to be

with the equipment itself,
and not with the computer controls

or the software.
Rey volunteered

together with two other

They were working
on the cameras

when the impenetrable door
was ripped apart

and flung hundreds
of yards away

into a nearby crater.
The dust rose

and settled quickly.
The three volunteers

were staring into the Martian’s
flaming, red lips,

emotions clearly visible
in the Martian’s square eyes,

eyebrows which covered
and uncovered her eyes.

Suddenly, it lashed out
at Mariano,

he fell dead without a sound.
Beatriz did not even

have a chance
to express terror on her beautiful face

before her beautiful face
lay in shreds.


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