Chicano Poet

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Man Short

The structure was immense
(and tense),

it could be seen
by distant space ships.

Isidra and her team
had rushed to investigate,

only to be attacked
by the ancient Martian

as they entered
the blazing hallways of light---

hallways which had always
been dark until now.

The team’s artificial lighting
had never been sufficient

for anthropological research.
Beto, the young intern,

(he was twenty or so)
was cut in half by the Martian

with a mere, meticulous look.
Everyone ran for cover,

shaking and horrified.
Isidra yelled,

“Go! Go!” meaning
haul ass outta here.

They scrambled to the surface
one man short.

Isidra cried
bulbous tears.


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