Chicano Poet

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Blogging Dog

Woke up this morning and updated my poetry blog
but checked pirillo’s blog and gnome-girl’s blog
before I uploaded my musings for the day.

The war is still dragging on,
the car bombings proceed like clockwork
and my fourteen-year-old dog sleeps the day away.

I can almost picture one of his dreams,
he’s dreaming the horrible pictures of Guernica,
he’s dreaming the bamboo spikes of Nam.

He’s dreaming the songs of the Monkees,
Last Train To Barksville,
I’m a Bloodhound Believer.

He dreams he’s running up a hill
and raising his leg on WinXP wallpaper.
All the while thinking that butterflies are gates.

He dreams that if he was a poet
he’d have a poetry blog,too. Blogging
the barkings of a chicano dog.

One growl for mediocre verse,
two growls for verse in reverse,
and three great growls for his master’s verse!


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