Chicano Poet

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Loch Ness

The wind blows across the loch,
a murky sky blows bubbles like clouds
in the direction of the shore.

I see the creature in a photograph,
like a serpent sliding on the water
on its way to a Dylan Thomas church.

I didn't use old Bobby Burns
in that last line,
not even for old times' sake,ha,ha.

I hear La Llorona cry for her lost little creaturas
Sandra Cisneros is trying to console her---
but this ain't no Woman Hollering Creek

on the highway to Seguin,Texas.
I know the creek well,
I have followed it back to its source.

It starts on a hillside
near Randolph Air Force Base---
you could say it belongs to the military!

Maybe the Air Force took La Llorona's kids,
and it's using them for scientific experiments---
making white kids out of Mexicans!


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