Chicano Poet

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

There Goes The Sun

for George

There goes the sun
it is evening it is dusk
its been a hard day's night.

First it was John
and now its you
strawberry fields forever.

The music struck a chord
She loves you.

I'm not just a paperback writer
I'm no Lady Madonna
on Penny Lane.

I'm not a day tripper
I'm tripping all the time
I feel fine.

from me to you
give peace a chance.

Krishna's a yellow submarine
on the long and winding road
let it be.

All you need is love
and a ticket to ride
and get back.

We can't all be Eleanor Rigby
you have to do something
even if it was yesterday.

It's time to retire
to the crackerjack palace
shaped like a weeping guitar.

The palace will rock
and the palace will roll.
All things must pass!


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