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Monday, September 22, 2008

Victor Villasenor and Quetzalcoatl Sandoval
(Sandoval looks like his wife put a bowl
over his head and cut his hair)

Victor Villasenor is dressed in a type of Hawaiian shirt (I don’t know anything about fashion so it could have been some kind of Mexican native shirt), like every writer, he’s full of himself, praising his books and explaining to us how great they are and how they explain the world. By the end of his talk he has most of us convinced that he is not hot ice cream. He enlightens us to the fact that the word “genius” was defined differently up until 1987. He has an aversion to the words “the”, “but”. and “or”. His theory goes like this: if you remove “the” from the Bible, the truth, the God, etc., you get the picture, the plurality opens up options which no longer keep us confined. And then he asks his audience what would happen if Creation was a verb. So the question of when Creation occurred becomes moot, because Creation is still happening now. When we line up to have our books signed, he tells us to write the name “To So and So” on a card because he’s dyslexic and has trouble spelling, I say to myself, “ Pues chingao” and write down the name of my nephew on the card including my nephew’s last name, Gonzales, not realizing that Villasenor can not write last names. No se me prendio el foco. Oh, yeah, before I forget,this whole borlote took place at the Barnes & Noble at Austin, Texas. Austin is a small suburb of Papalote. When I want a little culture I usually venture there in my horse and buggy.You can buy Villasenor’s books from Art Publico Press. I bought Burro Genius and Crazy Loco Love.Burro Genius is published by HarperCollins.

By Quetzalcoatl Sandoval

Besides books on philosophy Sandoval
is probably most famous for his book
ridiculing and debunking The Labyrinth
of Solitude.


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