Chicano Poet

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Gregorio Sanchez awoke from a fitful night of sleep or
non-sleep as it was. Suddenly he was wide awake, he
was horrified, he let out a grito and not the Padre Hidalgo
type of grito for he had just realized that his beautiful brown
skin was gone, he had turned pale white overnight, a freaking
albino. He dressed hurriedly and walked out into the barrio
intending to get to the bottom of it. Mexicans stared at him,
cursed him, brown children pointed at him, what is this
gringo doing in our neighborhood viejitas whispered, young
punks looked at him with distrust, afraid, thinking he was
a cop. Gregorio rushed to a dermatologist, he did all sorts
of tests on Gregorio. After a month the doctor told him
the bad news he had to bear. He would remain white for
the rest of his life. His family disowned him. Mexicans
talked about him not realizing he understood every painful
word they said.


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