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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cat Fight

Isidra and Rey made love.
But if the earth moved,

earth was too far away to tell.
Isidra woke up

from a fitful yet lusty sleep.
Rey was still far off

on the other side of Jupiter,
but at least he was ok.

Isidra distracted herself
with work.

She had not told anyone else
about that representation

of the Pyramid of the Sun she’d found.
Were we in fact Martians,

had Martians created
our earthly civilizations?

That certainly
would piss off the Creationists

who now ruled earth,
insisting that earth was only

six or eight days old.
Isidra forgot

what other pendejadas
those tarugos advocated.

When Isidra walked into the office
in the morning

the first thing
she saw was Debbie,

a sheer top,

leaving nothing
to the imagination,

not that Isidra
gave a damn,

she just didn’t like
Debbie flaunting

her numerous attributes
when Rey was around.

It made her very jealous
when he stared at that little chichona.

As soon as her mind
uttered those vicious thoughts,

she felt guilty.
The heart is, indeed, a lonely hunter.


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