Chicano Poet

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice
And Mexikans

Luckily for the
Mexicans on Mars

most of the main

were located on the
other side of the planet.

Still, the lab
was a sitting duck

for the Martian.
As Isidra watched

on the security cameras,
the Martian

inadvertently killed
the council members.

A proverbial light bulb
went off in Isdra’s head.

She remembered the pristine
material that the Martian’s

or sepulcher was made of,

or whatever the hell
the Martian’s resting place was called.

She remembered
that the technicians

had said
it was impenetrable.

She thought,
if we can reproduce

this material
maybe we can confine

the Martian
until we can

figure out
what to do with it.


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