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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Great Escape

Rey had no idea
how he had managed

to crawl into the vent
which routed cables

and wires from who knew where.
He remained quiet,

afraid the Martian
could hear him.

After an hour,
he decided to follow the vent

wherever it might lead,
preferably to safety.

Indeed, the vent
led to the library.

He kicked out the vent guard,
jumped down

and hurried to
the control center.

The Council members
were still in shock,

and considering
their next move.

Apparently Rey
and the techs

had fixed the
security cameras

just before
they were attacked.

The Martian was sitting
with her back against a wall.

She seemed at peace,
but inside of her

methane words
were being

put together
and taken apart

for a purpose
which was not evident

on the monitors
in the control room.


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