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Friday, October 01, 2010

Eyes Wide Open

The deafly silence
was broken only

by the sound of cicadas
in Rey’s head

as he looked
at Copasllenas,

who was already
shouting orders.

“ Double-shields up,
Double-shields up!”

she shouted
her orders quietly.

“Warp speed
as soon as possible.”

she continued
as huge explosions

the S. S. Anzaldua.

Outside, interstellar dust
became conscious,

woken out of its
billion years of sleep.

Everybody strapped
into their seats.

Suddenly they were
up to warp speed.

No looking back now, ese.
Copasllenas was checking

all aboard computers to see
(are there offboard computers?)

if there was any damage.
A gaseous plume

trailed the ship.
Back on earth,

the Martian was coming out
of her Sertapedic sleep.

The Lincoln Monument
stared at her.

Was the race
of the Great Shemancipator

done for?
The Martian opened her eyes wide.


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