Chicano Poet

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Los Real Burros Of The Martian Hills

“I have a plan, babe,”
Rey told Isidra.

“ Call the lab,
have them send over

a couple of jackasses,
a couple of burros.”

It took
about three hours,

but soon the burros
were hooked up

to the sarcophagus.
“Andale, andale!”

Rey yelled
at the burros

as he whipped
their space-suited asses

with stone-tipped Mariachi belt.
The burros

seemed to look
at each other

and hee hawed
“Who the hell

does this culero
think he is?”

After much labor,
the sarcophagus

reached the red surface.
Now to see if

the plan
would work.

Isidra’s nervous smile
was reflected

against the shield
of her helmet.


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