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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Be Trippin’

Once it was decided
to deliver the Martian to earth,

excitement raged
among the crew.

Do not believe
what they say

about the emptiness
of space.

Space, amigos,
is full of space.

Don’t laugh
until you’ve experienced

it yourself.
The plan

was to go
into stealth mode

once they got
close to earth

so as not
to alert earth’s defenses.

Once in orbit
they would beam down

the Martian
to Washington D. C.

Casually, during breakfast,
Captain Copasllenas

asked nonchalantly,
(Chale, I didn’t

just use the word "nonchalantly",
did I?”

“ I hope this mission
does not bother my conscience,”

said Copasllenas as she poked at her migas
with a piece of tortilla.

“After what
those people,

and I use
the word liberally,

after what
those people

have done
to the Mexican race,

I will not lose
any sleep over it!”

said Isidra
as they sped

at warp speed
towards the blue

and white marble
which had

once been
their home.


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