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Monday, September 27, 2010

Flor Y Canto

As soon as they
pulled away from Mars,

Rey called everybody together
on the bridge.

“Camaradas, I have
an idea I want

to put before you.”
Everyone looked quizzically at Rey

as he elaborated.
“Instead of taking

the Martian to Phobos,
I propose that

we take our Martian friend
to earth.”

Everyone’s eyes opened wide
with surprise,

and smiles broke out

and pleasantly cruel

Soon everyone was cheering
and agreeing

that this indeed
should be done.

Lola Copasllenas
told her navigator,

“Set course for earth.”
she ordered

Corporal Juan Phil Felipe.
“Right away, Commandante!”

as he saluted
and punched the numbers

into the computer.
“ Warp speed, Commandante?”

“ Yes, Corporal, warp speed.”
said Copasllenas.

The star field
looked like a Flor Y Canto.


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