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Friday, September 24, 2010

Where No Mexican Has Gone Before

The plan was to
beam the Martian

aboard the S.S. Gloria Anzaldua
and beam it down

to Phobos---the ancient Martian
artificial satellite which had no

natural resources.
Lola Copasllenas

had volunteered
for the dangerous mission position.

Lupito also volunteered
as well as Rey and Isidra.

The ship would have
to be operated

by a small crew,
(as luck would have it

Mexicans are already small)

in case the Martian

woke up
in a bad mood.

You movie goers
know what an alien

can do
when let loose

on a space ship.
No, you Tea Party bozos,

we’re not talking
about illegal aliens.

Don’t you cagados

you sent us packing
to Mars?

Once the Martian
was beamed aboard,

the S.S. Anzaldua
headed out on impulse power.

The brave crew felt
as if an asteroid belt

was tightening pecs
around their necks.


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