Chicano Poet

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Dirty Laundry

We try to figure out why
poor,starving Afghans
become carpet-bombed.

Is there logic to our madness?
A stone-age people
brought up to date by laser-guided missiles.

Someone must pay for what the
mass-murderers did to the Twin Towers,
but should justice be written on blowing sand?

Our intelligence services
proved to be idiot savants
pointing fingers at each other

with their "right" thumbs.
The greatest nation in the world
fell asleep at the wheel.

Sometimes it takes being blind-sided
to realize you've lost your vision-----
muscles can't protect you from dementia.

A mighty country brought to its knees
by the reptilian brain of man,
flicking its tongue at New York.

This ain't no science fiction movie,
that's not King Kong atop the Empire State,
that's our evil twin---that's me!


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