Chicano Poet

Friday, September 10, 2010

Flor Silvestre

She called Rey
on her aluristo

and told him
to meet her

at the Face on Mars

She gathered
six scientists

and explained
her plan to them.

They seemed skeptical,
but what else

could they do.
Death was not an option.

They worked diligently,
but always alert

to the fear that the Martian
would return to her lair.

For three days
they analyzed the material.

It turned out
to be organic.

They all
looked at each other

in amazement.
Yes, yes,

we can reproduce this
Isidra smiled at Rey.

How quickly,
asked Rey?

Pronto, muy pronto,
said Isidra,

the echo
in her earpiece

brought her
back to stark reality.


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