Chicano Poet

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

Chela and the kids
boarded the last train

to Clarksville,
no, no, pendejos,

(the things
I call myself!),

actually, they boarded
the U.S.S. Ricardo Sanchez,

which was carrying
the last load of Mexicans

from the earth’s moon
to their future homeland

on Mars.
The kids followed Pepe the dog

around with
a pooper scooper.

Pepe looked out
every window

of the spaceship.
He wagged his tail,

and the dizzy fleas.
The earth’s blue marble

meant nothing to him.
White people

did not mean anything
to him.

He did not understand
the word racism.

He thought everybody
and everything was just another dog.


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