Chicano Poet

Friday, September 17, 2010

Haciendo Caras

While you guys were twittering
or haciendo caras

on Facebook,
the Mexicans on Mars

were busy concocting
a plan

to get rid
of the Martian

once and for all.
As luck would have it,

the S.S. Gloria Anzaldua
commanded by Lola Copasllenas

was in stationary orbit
a hundred and sixty miles

above the face on Mars,
and it would play

a vital part
in Isidra’s plan

which had gone off
in her head

like a lightbulb
or an orgasm.

The Martian herself,
unbeknownst to her,

was lending
a helping hand.

She was making
a beeline for the Face.

Her multiple minds churning
like an asteroid belt.

Discarded Lady Gaga costumes
seemingly choking

each and every
spiky neuron in her thighs.


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