Chicano Poet

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aztec Sacrifice

Isidra figured
that the Martian

had not be able
to escape its sarcophagus

for a hundred million years
except with the aid

of Isidra’s own

maybe they could
somehow get the Marian

back into its sarcophagus.
It was worth a shot heard round Mars.

That way they could

trying to make
a sarcophagic replica

back at the lab,
since no one knew

what the Martian
would do next.

But, how would they get
the Martian back

down into the Face.
There would have to be

some kind of Aztec sacrifice.
You know,

in these situations
someone’s always gotta die.

Chico, little did they know
that the Martian

was, even now,
(as I make this up)

already heading
towards the Face on Mars.


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