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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Google This

Limping home,
the crew was exhausted

while back on Mars,
the Mexicans

were partying into the dawn
proclaiming Copasllenas

and the rest

Communication packets
were arriving

The Martian had gone

on a tear,
killing everyone in sight,

men women children
frogs bears

even destroying (for unknown reasons)
McDonalds Restaurants.

Whitey was
being wiped out

left and right burro e elefante.
No actual reportage

was being done
by white humans.

No, indeed,
the only news

reaching Mars
and the S.S. Anzaldua

was via
Google Robotic Reporters

which had taken over
news reporting

for the last
twenty years on earth.

Some Google Robots
were reporting

that they too
were being attacked.

More news after
this message from our sponsor.

The Super Raza search engine.


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