Chicano Poet

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hollow Out Texas

He said he would hollow out Texas
the people cried No No
they said it was theirs
but he knew otherwise
he started digging
he piled the dirt up high
on top of the neighboring states
which as you can imagine
begin bitching and whining
but he kept at it
until the whole state of Texas
was neatly hollowed out
and then of course
it collapsed upon itself
they called him a jackass
they called him a burro
but he was true to his word
he said he would hollow out Texas

Friday, March 21, 2014

El Azteca

I eat your heart
to retain my innocence
I take it in my hands
turn it over in my hands
my eyes roll around
in their sockets
my brain floats
in its hungry skull
I settle down
inside my body
I feel each bone
of my steaming body
I eat your heart
my fingers fill
and rush with life
which must 
come on outside

Monday, March 03, 2014

Dusty Texas Poem

The pipe cows of Texas are too much with us
The silly putty of razor wire
Drought of brahma grass
Rocky rattlesnakes which chase the dust
The cactus grins of cowgirls
In tight jeans
The crooked cowboys are just boys
But we know damn well
The Mexicans do all the work
With the pipe cows of Texas

Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Water

The water was like ink the way it curled around my feet.
Engulfing me like an insult playing on repeat.
My fears began to swim and my thoughts simply dreams,
I was clearly going mad,
And tearing at the seams.
There was a distinct smell of salt and seaweed all the same,
Although maybe this was another of my mind’s mad game.
The game to make me see strange things that I
wasn’t sure were there.
Dismissing all the good things like I didn’t even care.
The water was like a feeling warm but slightly cold,
With an air of rotting seaweed and a sea shore lined with mould.
I’d never know why I’m here,
Or even if I was,
My mind was just an illusion,

My life a big because.

Ali Gibson is a sixteen year old poet
from Northen Ireland. Her book is
on Amazon. Check out more poems there.