Chicano Poet

Friday, October 26, 2012

Chamaco’s Love-Life

Chamaco loved a girl
she was out of this world

this is a photo of her
from her Facebook page

Chamaco was volado
when it came to her locks

Her smile
was like other girl’s thighs

her beauty
was more than skin deep

it came out
the other side

Chamaco was loco in the cabeza
for her belleza

Chamaco loved a girl
white as a pearl

Chamaco sobbed into his sleeve
his pet peeve

Chamaco never grew up
that was his screw up---

It was not meant to be
like reality.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nobody Really Knew Chamaco

Nobody really knew Chamaco
because his head was full of lead

not even Superman
could see how bad

riddle me that

Robin’s panties

Wonder Woman’s wonder
visible inside her invisible plane

Iron Man
iron-clad and sad

Cat Woman
was a pussy cat

Chamaco was no hero
when he climbed into the sky

the Man of Steel
kindly stepped aside

Green Lantern
green with envy

the Justice League
so un-American welcomed him

nobody really knew Chamaco
his head was full of lead

not even Superman
could see how bad

Chamaco was 
brown kryptonite

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Chamaco’s big hat
fits flat

the barrio floats
behind its moat

Chamaco boots
his Mexican roots

he roamed the fields
upon his heels

he used his gun
against the sun

he claimed the land
without his hand

he used his wit
to spit

he went about his way

Monday, October 22, 2012

Poet Queen

She rises above San Antonio
in front of Chamaco’s face

her roles
cover all the bases

from catholic school girl
to pachuca to madre

an example
to all

her words curl up
on the street

like a homeless dog
her words

exit the bakery
with a viejita

holding the bag
of truth

her words 
are breathless jaguars

in the hills
north of San Antonio

she’s a feathered serpent
storming the Alamo

her words
become palabras in the river

Friday, October 19, 2012

Volando Bajo

Hot eyeball in the middle of a desert road
outside of Indio, California

could it, would it,
was it Chamaco’s

looking for his dad
who was dead

Chamaco rolled
the mountains out

sifted desert sand
poured out the contents of the sun

at his feet

Chamaco knew the outcome
his fur rolled into Palm Springs Airport

bounced off the runway becoming a jet
his manhood folded up like landing gear

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chamaco The Savior

Chamaco being the ego's alter ego
got rid of the id

the separation started
when Chamaco farted

the world raised a stink
even the kitchen sink

God himself put in
his two cents worth called it sin

Adam and Eve felt free
off came the fig leaf and the tree

Blame Chamaco if you will
for curing of the world's ill

Monday, October 15, 2012

El Rio De La Verdad

The brown river is a whore
running through downtown San Antonio

washing away
the sins of respectable people

the banker
who fleeces everyone

the doctor
who cheats on his wife with Candy Stripers

the vicious D.A.
who always looks the other way for the powerful

the rich man
who still practices slavery

the young wife who’s spun 
out of control on our favorite drugs

her husband
fishing on the river

down by the Spanish missions
God abandoned long ago.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cafe Chamaco

At Cafe Chamaco
hot chocalate is served

along with empanadas
filled with chicana poets

of years gone by
and years to come

you won’t mind their hair
in the empanadas

he’ll sell you 
half eaten ones

and you’ll be proud
to have them

the pumpkin ones
are carriage-shaped

Chamaco prepares them
with unwashed hands

it gives them
that extra taste

of down-home cooking
the barrio bonus

the hot chocalate
made out of instant packets

but hey
in a perfect world

this would be

Friday, October 05, 2012

Chamaco The Tree

Chamaco was a tree for a thousand years
before he died

he fathered millions and millions
of leaves

his branches had their own

he exchanged tons of air
with the sky

the fleeting clouds

followed the sun
absorbed the dark moonlight

which surged
through his wayward twigs

all that he heard and saw
would be made into a library

this paper you hold in your hand
is all that’s left of Chamaco

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Chamaco The Dino

Chamaco was complex
like a T-Rex

he only sought meat
(which I thought was neat)

he relished madonnas
and non-madonnas

he did not spit out bones
or other zones

he did not give his prey
a say

Chamaco was complex
except during sex

he roamed his domain
to inflict pain

he saw the meteor coming 
and humming

he was bright
when he saw the light