Chicano Poet

Friday, May 30, 2014

Spicy Mexican Girl

Erica long tall and spicy
in his peppered mind

her long slim legs
surface every night

triggered by the rustling
of the wind

near the place where she works
or the asphalt coming up

in her parents neighborhood
after a hard rain

the sun beating down on rooftops
until they are crispy like potato chips

and her car parked in the driveway
hot to the touch like her

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Soldier Boy

The soldier came home from the war
without himself

he kissed his absent wife
hugged thin air

which took the place
of his children

went to visit
his disappearing parents

in their untouchable house,
and the townspeople

welcomed him
with what was left of empty

he was not concerned
that he didn't really care

he did the best he could
through no fault of his own

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vehicle Fire

“the modern American family”

They were making love
in the backseat of the van

as her parents sat like statues
in the front

her father  
looked in the rearview mirror

her mother flipped down
the passenger side mirror

powdered her nose
and reapplied her lipstick 

the sighs her daughter made
were misunderstood

but by then
the vehicle was engulfed in flames

Thursday, May 22, 2014

“again I experiment in Cubism...”

Basketball Heroine

The luxurious legs of the girl
part for the basketball

in the full gymnasium
of a wing taken hold

the army of well now
soaked in rainbow lift

fires at will
and the snow in a bell crack

waits for the storm outside
in the glass trip

the girl takes
after the game pierced

and each spill of her smile
afterwards forced upon her

and upon us whose froth clothes
call out a name instead

in the glance of gears
the girl takes her shot

Monday, May 19, 2014

Space Time Chingaderas Ignored By Hawking

El Bobby was not all there
got beat up bad at Blumberg Park

an earshot away from Munche’s Grocery Store
where Chico Deleones

was shot in the hand
by a Perez

the Guadalupe Gang
hanging out where Guadalupe Street

dead-ended by the creek
near where Joe Carrillo

Mexican-American cop
was shot down by a felon

tell me friends
is Seguin still there,

or has it, too, disappeared
with the rest of the ancient universe?

Friday, May 16, 2014


When she runs away from home
in her sleep

the zombies
walk along the railroad tracks

she ducks
into the darkened trees

her plastic sword
at the ready

the world has come to this
she whispers out loud

her clothes
a shadow of their former selves

her father and mother
torn apart by the hordes

her little sister
buried and risen from the dead

does the real world exist
face the facts she tells herself

as she dashes through the woods
on a moonless night

and when she wakes up
in her own warm bed

she longs
for the nightmare instead

Friday, May 09, 2014


Man, was her little body

her navel like a pony
I held in secret

the hills
of an old lamp lit the way

her crown
sinking into the bed

each of her sweet words
turned to gold

I could barely catch my breath
around her waist

the wind was bathing

and bellowing it couldn't have
my little Latin lover

her hot little body
in sunglasses heading home