Chicano Poet

Monday, June 15, 2015

Jurassic Assic

The dinosaurs
had entered the barrio

during the dead of night
a Mexican bakery

was one of their
first victims

as soon as el ocho
heard about it

he left his
Culebra Rd. apartment

and snaked his way
to the scene

of the prehistoric crime
he duked it out

with the dinos
like John Wayne

he was wearing
his Mil Mascaras

wrestling panties
he battled

the dinosaurs
for three days

y tres noches
until que

les dio
en la madre

he donated the meat
to the homeless

and the bones
to the Daughters

of the Republic of Texas
God knows they need

a boner in their lives---
el ocho patas

was so thoughtful
y bien desgraciado

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Texas Poem

was trying to part

the Red River
so that

Stephen F. Austin's
illegal aliens

could cross
into virgen Texas

but el pendejo
was trying to part

the Red River
at its widest thighs

until el ocho patas
showed him

the best place
to perform his illusion

and that's how
Texas got screwed---

no thanks
to el ocho patas

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

El Ocho Patas As Phan Kim Phuc

El ocho patas
was a Vietnamese girl on fire

even as a teenager
her family told her

that she still had
the scent of American napalm

in Cuba
she met her future husband

standing by a 1958 Chevy
but she struggled with

her inner ocho patas
eventually she sought asylum in Canada

where the cold and snow
brought el ocho patas

out into the open
freaking the French Canucks

but Phan Kim Phuc knew
that el ocho patas

was always
within walking distance

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Surfer Girl

He made love to her
with one hand

tied behind his back.
His knuckles

cracked under
her beautiful back.

His ball cap
half on and half off.

He caressed her
with his broken life.

Delicious, he thought.
Her ankles

twisted on the pillows,
and her eyes

bounced in excitation
like a Beach Boys song.