Chicano Poet

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Frost Not Being Around

The high ones die, die
or so we hope

it never happens.
The bastards
go on living,

heartattacks, cancer,

and airplane crashes.
They dodge
the bullets

we shoot at them,
and the words
of truth

have no
effect on them.
And God,

the anachronistic
let’s them

go on living
so they

their evil ways
upon Aztlan.

Monday, November 29, 2004

America On Paper

Mr. Bones looks
at pictures
from Fallujah,

"Babies with no arms,
no legs,
some alive,

no thanks to America."
Mr. Bones puts
his head in his hands.

He ponders
what has become
of this country.

On paper,
this has always been
the greatest country

in the world.
On paper,
there are no

higher goals
and aspirations…
on paper.

But, Mr. Bones cries the truth,
" These babies only know
America as a monster."

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving 2004

Mr. Bones and Henry
share this Thanksgiving
with us.

As a family
we have much
to be thankful for,

food on the table
and good health,
but, as a nation

we have
nothing to be thankful for.
One thousand

dead American soldiers, so far,
nine thousand
wounded American soldiers,

and on the other side
tens of thousands dead,
including women and children

who could not dodge
our democratic bullets
spreading freedom all over Iraq.

It’s the first Thanksgiving
and we slaughter
all the Indians.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Trigger Happy And We’re Not Talking About
Roy Rogers’ Horse

"That fucking Dubya
is trigger happy,"
observes Mr. Bones,

"Sure, go ahead,
invade Iran,
invade North Korea,

those dumb ass Americans
have re-elected

as deputy again.
They even let him
have a bullet in the chamber."

Dubya-Barney holds
the pistol
in his shaky hands,

and he accidentally
shoots the Vice-President
in the heart.

Condomleezza takes
the gun from him,
wipes off the fingerprints

and calls the FBI.
She lies to them, "Fucking Cheney
had another one of his heartattacks!"

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mr.Bones Dons Cowboy Regalia

Yeah, I'm
a native Texan,

and I
throw cowpies
at the state

the cow shit
will clean it up

and get
rid of Dubya's smell
once and for all.

But, who
am I kidding,
that bastard

is going
to stink up
the whole planet!

Monday, November 22, 2004

The Stars And Gripes

Henry told
Mr. Bones,
"Must you commentate

upon everything
that happens
in this

godforsaken country
stolen from Aztlan
by the evil white man?"

"That sure
was a mouthful, Henry,
but no

I don’t have to,
as you say,

on everything that happens.
I only commentate
when I see this country

destroying so many
innocent people
in the name

of American values
which have degraded

the whorehouse(sorry, whores!") values
of the Republican

With that said,
Mr. Bones threw up
on the American flag,

half the nation and hisself
and disgusted the other half.

He wiped
his mouth
on the field of stars,

picking out
the one
representing Texas.

Afterwards, he felt so much better
which is more
than we can say for Henry.

Henry frantically
tries to clean
the vomit

from the stars and stripes,
but, nothing
can ever clean this flag again.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Black Magic Woman

Mr. Bones
has some advice
for Condomleeza Rice,

"Watch out
for them

remember Washington
had a baby
with his black servant.

Who knows,
maybe Dubya
likes soul food."

Henry told
Mr. Bones
in no uncertained terms,

"Mr. Bones,
I don't think
Condomleeza likes sex."

"What the hell
you talking
about, Henry Hot-Pants,

everybody likes sex
even the
Catholic clergy,"

muttered Mr. Bones,
"she might not be
a Monica,

but Condomleeza
can handle a cigar,
if you know what I mean."

Henry blushed
and turned
a colorless green.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Murder In A Mosque

All the networks agree,
they say it’s
too graphic

to show an
American boy murdering
a wounded Iraqi.

He points
his rifle
at his head,

The brain
is splattered

against the wall of the mosque.
A Lt. Col.
says they will investigate

but it sure
looks like self-defense, he says.
No telling

what dangerous and evil thoughts
were going on
in that Iraqi’s mind.

Col., it’s hard to read anyone’s thoughts
when they are oozing
down a wall.

The Col. replies,
"Nonetheless, we will review
each and every instance of wall splattering."

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dubya Mask Starring Jim Carrey

The bullet tore
his chest
but took his

whole back with it.
There goes the bullet,
it’s mouth

wide open,
screaming beyond
the buildings

and carrying
the soldier’s flesh
and bits of backbone

out into
the desert
that stretches

from Fallujah
to the
car bombs of Baghdad.

It lands in the tracks
left by a Bradley
that pounds

the buildings
with shells

by the
peace-loving country
of America.

Henry yawned
and farted
wearing his Dubya mask.

When you wear
this mask
you only care about---nothing.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

In The Halls Of Haliburton

Haliburton has ordered
the U.S. Marines
to attack

and destroy Fallujah,
that way

can make
millions more
in the reconstruction

of the destruction.
How will
they reconstruct

the dead soldiers?
They won’t,
there’s no

money at all
in bringing
back the dead yet!

They’ll just
get more soldiers
from back home

so they can
destroy more cities,
bridges, schools,

and power plants.
In the halls of Haliburton
it’s no chore to triple loot.

Mr. Bones put his head down
and told Henry

Monday, November 15, 2004

Kissing Dubya’s Ass

Mr. Bones starts
talking trash

Alberto Gonzales
(spicked to be
the new

attorney general).
"He’s a traitor
to his race!"

I tell Mr. Bones
no, he’s not
a traitor,

he’s what
chicanos call
a vendido,

a sell-out.
But, the bottom line is
he’s just

a brown-noser---
he’s put his face
in the place of excrement.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Cause Of Death

Mr. Bones hears
about Arafat
and listens

to all
the speculation
about the cause

of his death.
The flu,

cancer, stroke,
heart disease, liver failure,
absence of protest poetry.

Mr. Bones
slams his fist
on the desk

and spits out
this gem,
"It was

the Mossad,"
he insists,

gradually poisoned him
his last months of house arrest!"

However uncanny,
Mr. Bones is
never wrong about this stuff.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Mr. Bones Was Just Another Casualty Of War
Or At least Some Of His Bones Were

As you can
well imagine,
(go ahead, imagine!)

Mr. Bones
fell flat on his behind
and broke

a tailbone to boot!
Plaster just
don’t stick

that well
to the butt,
and they

don’t make crutches
for that
part of the anatomy.

But, his mouth
was still intact,
so Mr. Bones

cursed the war
and was
hobbled home by Henry.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Mr. Bones In ER

Mr. Bones broke
a scapula
in his foot

when he kicked
the anvil
in disgust,

arguing with Henry
as usual,

as usual
having to
pay the price.

But Doctor Zhiavago
reset the
broken cartilage

and wrote
a huge Russian novel
about the procedure.

Mr. Bones yelled,
"These Russian (not his word)
writers are always

and he

proceeded to kick
Doctor Zhiavago
between the legs.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Problem With Being

Mr. Bones is
ticked off
and kicking things,

"What the hell
are you
talking about, Henry?

This phenomenology
don’t mean
a thing

in Iraq,
that hussy Husserl
was just

a mama’s boy
trying to get
back into the womb!"

Henry was used
to Mr. Bones
going ballistic,

but this outburst
still brought
him to his senses.

Certainly, even if
these troops
were vaporized,

certainly that vapor
would still
be something, not nothing.

No disrespect
meant to the dead soldiers-----
Dubya sleeps like a baby

while everybody else
is tortured by the present.
Mr. Bones breaks a bone.

Henry smirks,
"I told you
not to kick that anvil!"

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Phenomenology Of Being And Nothingness

Our boys are
killing their boys,
their boys

are killing
our boys
and the

puppet masters
sit happy
as hell

from reality
in their easy chairs.

serves them
their food,

makes their bed
for them,
tells them

what they
want to hear-----
we are winning the war.

But, far away,
after the explosion
tears bodies apart,

you can’t tell
if they were
Islamic fundamentalists

or plain
old American

Pick up
that piece of flesh,
it’s somebody’s son or daughter,

that piece
of what used
to be

arms… legs…

cells… molecules…
atoms… nothing…

Monday, November 08, 2004

Apparently God Voted Republican
(Alzheimer's Probably)

Dubya gloated
in his house
of white

and sent
the troops
to level Fallujah

now that
the American people
have joined him

in these
war crimes
against the poor,

machineguns, tanks,

these buildings
of clay,

the very same clay
the first man
was made from.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Day After Manana

After days
and nights
of agony

his brain swelling,
Mr. Bones

comes up
with a plan.
He will

take a page from
Osama Bin Bush himself.
Mr. Bones

is desperate
and will try anything
to get rid

of this conservatism
that has
taken over the country

like the Black Death. Bones thinks,
"If the wooly mammoth
didn’t survive

the Ice Age,
maybe their cousins,
the elephants, won’t either!"

So, Mr. Bones plans
to buy
trillions of tons

of ice
from the Russian Mafia
and dump the ice on America,

a liberating Ice Age.

Mission accomplished, Mr. Bones
sat back in his computer chair
and ate a popsicle.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Mr. Bones Contemplates His Options

Mr. Bones
picks up
his empty handgun

and hauls ass
to Aztlan,

all the while
he’s thinking,
"What the hell

are we going to do
to cleanse
this nation

of this growing cancer?"
Mr. Bones’ mind
is racing,

but he’s
barely staying ahead
of the

Night Of The
Living Dead Republicans
the horde

is walking
in black and white
and you

can see them
marching in unison
against the

red white and blue
used to represent America.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

When Mr. Bones Corners Richard Cory
He Wishes He Hadn’t

When Mr. Bones
catches up
with Richard Cory

he empties
his handgun
into him,

but it
has no effect
on him at all.

Richard keeps
straight at Mr. Bones

like the dead
in Night Of The
Living Dead Republicans

Their putrid
unfeeling flesh
falls off of them,

their rotten hearts
pound drums of hate
in their chests,

and the maggots
that live in their brains
have to do the thinking for them.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

America Commits Suicide

Mr. Bones is
quite pissed

with the
election results.
"Half the country

wants the killing
to go on

half the country
wants tax-breaks
for the rich,

and half the country
wants health-care
for the rich only!"

Mr. Bones
slams the door
and goes

in search
of Richard Cory
to put a bullet in his head.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Make No Bones About It

And now
I hear
that Mr. Bones

is objecting
totally unbone-like,

his feet
no less,

because I
have changed
Berryman’s death

from an
icy river
to a hot building.

Mr. Bones,
I do think

are getting
quite brittle
in your old age.

And having
survived your master
by thirty years

you are
in a bad mood
and the poetry

that comes
out of your mouth
proves it.

Go on Mr. Bones

Papalote buildings
collapse on you.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Berryman Foresees The Future Just Before
His Plane Slams Into The North Tower

Oh, Mr. Bones
have you seen

Henry Dubya
is doing
to the country,

this country,
your country,

what’s left
of it.
Henry Dubya

holds up
the crossbones
to the

rest of
the world
to prove

his manhood
in infancy

to his throat),

at least
half of America
is fooled

by the socks
he’s stuffed
in his crotch.